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Unpacking Service-Learning Tools

As travel begins again for those in post-secondary, we wanted to build a short series on our blog where we share some resources that we think are excellent in terms helping to unpack service learning, particularly on a transnational scale, and to build more equitable programming.

The first resource that we wanted to feature was Vanessa Andreotti’s HEADS UP tool. Dr. Andreotti is an incredible thinker who has been integral in how both of us work in and research service learning. Andreotti’s thinking specifically helps us to critically interrogate what frameworks of understanding enable international development and global citizenship education possible and who benefits. Specifically, this work challenges to not only adopt a critical posture towards international programming, but to also think about how we might build something different for solidarity.

The HEADS UP tool, built for a critical global citizenship education context, provides an important tool for reflection on programming and participation that can be adopted in the classroom, in seminars or in personal reflection as students, particularly white students in the Global North, think about their own desires for international education. We have used this tool in the past as we thought about programming that we were designing and as we facilitated workshops with students who were planning on spending time in service-learning.

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