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Service Learning

A hub for imagining and fostering mutuality

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What is transnational learning?

Transnational service learning refers to experiential learning opportunities that students participate in by working and living in another community, or "host" community. Although the structures and priorities of a service learning program will depend on the institutions, these types of programs often involve students from the Global North engaging in service work for people across borders. 

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Our Blog

Links to our blog, articles,  and research 

As we continue to research, write and develop work on transnational service learning, we will also share helpful links and other scholarly works in the field. Check out our blog to learn more! 


This site is for hosts, students, and program developers 

There are many participants involved in service learning including, but not limited to, families and communities who welcome students (hosts), students in the program, and program developers or organizers in home and host communities. You can learn more about these roles in service learning here. Our research is focused on building mutuality among all participants. You can access our open educational resources to help students prepare for their trip or for program developers to reflect on their program design by checking out our resources page. You can also check out a working list of resources for hosts, students and program developers here. 

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