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What is H5P?

H5P refers to HTML 5 Package. In simple terms, an H5P activity or resource is a web-based, interactive learning tool. You can use H5P to create, share and adapt online resources.

Who is it for?

This resource is available for students to use independently or as a part of a curricular experience. You are free to explore the resource on this site or at eCampus Ontario. 

How can I share it?

If you're interested in sharing this resource on a personal, professional or academic webpage you can check our video on embedding H5P resources.

How can I customize it?

If you'd like to customize this resource to fit the needs of your service-learning program or course, you can check out details from our video on customizing H5Ps. 

How to use

this H5P resource


This resource is for people interested in or preparing for a service learning experience. In this resource, you will be asked to reflect on, and think critically about your position as a student entering the home and communities of host families. You will think about your own intersectional identity, lived experiences, and thoughts about service-learning.

A group of diverse women sitting around a table and working on a collective project together.
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