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This resource was designed for program developers or directors of service-learning programs. Throughout this resource, you will reflect on, and think critically about the design and priorities of your program. You will think about the role that hosts, students and institutions play in learning and how each of these groups shapes the development and outcomes of your program.  

Program Developer Activities 

Activity Name

Activity Description



Reflecting on Your Program Design

This activity encourages students and program developers to reflect on and envision their service-learning program using a magazine-design activity.


Centering Host Families

This activity uses a combination of drawing and reflection exercises to help students think about their expectations of service-learning.


Program Expectations

This activity encourages students, program developers and hosts to come together to determine expectations and guidelines for their time together.


The Labor of Hosting 

This activity asks program developers to think about just compensation for hosts and the labor they are involved in during service-learning experiences.


Learning a Host's Language 

This activity asks students and program developers to come together and reflect on some assumptions they might have about service-learning.


What is H5P?

H5P refers to HTML 5 Package. In simple terms, an H5P activity or resource is a web-based, interactive learning tool. You can use H5P to create, share and adapt online resources.

Who is it for?

This resource is available for program developers to use independently or as a part of a curricular experience. You are free to explore the resource on this site or at eCampus Ontario. 

How can I share it?

If you're interested in sharing this resource on a personal, professional or academic webpage you can check our video on embedding H5P resources.

How can I customize it?

If you'd like to customize this resource to fit the needs of your service-learning program or course, you can check out details from our video on customizing H5Ps. 

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