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Learn more about our work in service learning

Explore our past and current projects on transnational service learning. Our research examines the roles of hosts, students and program developers in service learning. We consider topics such as disability and disablement and building relational solidarity in these spaces. 

In this paper, we are concerned with the ways hosts are often excluded from scholarship and programming of service learning. 

A graphic of a woman wearing a headscarf and holding her child. The text next to this graphic reads "what does the labor of hosting look like?"

This dissertation examines encounters in volunteer abroad programs in Nicaragua from a transnational feminist perspective and focuses on programs as pedagogical projects. 

Photo of the Sandino Vive murals, colourful images of two men wearing hats, in Nicaragua.

These articles explore the way disability is employed in the construction of normative subject-making in the field of International Experiential and Service Learning and Global Citizen Education. 

A man on a grassy, rugged mountain side. The man is wearing a hat and boots and using a shovel to dig soil.

This project is a qualitative inquiry into transnational relational experiences of solidarity. It asks people from the North how they have made meaning of their experiences with those in the South.

A woman walking on the sidewalk in Nicaragua. Photo by Elaine Faith.
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